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How To Treat Deltoids with your Theragun

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How To Treat Deltoids with your Theragun

hey everybody dr. Jason here to teach you how to use your Theragun gonna treat your deltoids whether you’re doing lateral raises during shoulder day at the gym or tossing the football around in the backyard of your kids your deltoids can become stiff sore or carry tension the Thera GaN is an amazing device to help you find relief increase mobility and get the most out of your body so here’s what you’re gonna do step one pick your attachment I like the standard ball for the deltoid since it’s a bit more firm but you can use whichever you like for this particular treatment remember attachments allow us to personalize the usage for our needs if you have a pro you can adjust the arm angle to meet your need but our ganache aragón triangle design makes it easy to use almost anywhere on your body step 2 turn on your ther agon by holding down the power button then set the treatment speed remember to always turn it on before applying it to your body now determine which grip will feel the most natural for you to use while treating

your deltoids I recommend the base or

the reverse grip personally you’ll

notice how natural it feels in reaching

across the body and applying faragon in

a perpendicular manner to your shoulder

step 3 now for the fun part

using your ther gun if you’re using your

ther are going to activate or warm up

your deltoids we recommend the following

protocol you’ll apply the Thera gun for

30 seconds in total in 10 second

increments starting with the origin of

your muscle back and forth across the

muscle fibers then to the insertion of

the muscle back and forth across the

muscle fibers and finally go back and

forth for 10 seconds along the muscle

fibers from one end to the other if

you’re using your ther again to recover

or relax your deltoids

we recommend using it all over the

muscle back and forth side to side for 2

minutes total for me this releases the

tension from the day and loosens my

shoulder so I can have a good night’s

rest and recover properly

remember we want your theory gun to feel

like an extension of your hand so

explore all the speed attachment and

grip combinations to find the one that’s

right for you